Getting going again…

Since Art Fair East last December, I seem to have fallen into one of those slumps that many artists experience, when I’ve lost my sense of direction, I can’t seem to get myself going and wonder what the hell I am doing.

I know, or have learnt, that the only way through a period like this is to keep working, to do something, anything, and eventually something emerges.

To re-inspire myself, I decided I needed to go and see some art, and, on the recommendation of a friend and fellow artist, I went to see Sam Lock’s exhibition at Cadogan Contemporary in Kensington before it finished. That worked! – so much to inspire me in his work – texture, colour, composition, mood and atmosphere. Take a look for yourself:

So, back to playing again…. keeping that inspiration in mind I decided to start working on a very small scale to get the ideas flowing and found a pile of little pieces of hardboard I had prepared with home made gesso last year, but had never used. I’m using sand to create a bit of texture, and acrylic inks, as they dry fast and can be applied in translucent layers, enabling me to work quickly and expressively. I’m experimenting with some more abstract compositions, as well as more recognisable landscape formats. Here are the results so far:

and these are some still in progress:


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