Gill Ayre has been a practicing artist since graduating with First Class Honours in Fine Art from the University of Bedfordshire in 2010, after which she secured a 5 year Fellowship with Digswell Arts. Gill has exhibited in Hertfordshire, London and the Norwich, in private and public galleries and through group exhibitions and Art Fairs, and currently works out of a shared studio at Langley End in Hertfordshire.

Artists Statement

Gill’s work is an emotional and contemplative response to landscape, and is primarily process driven, allowing a semblance of landscape to emerge out of successive semi translucent layers of loose paint, applied in drips and splashes over time, which partially obscure, and partially reveal, what came before. The finished paintings are therefore not of a specific place or location but rather an impression of colours, forms, light, and atmosphere. The viewer is therefore allowed to find their own unique relationship and response to the finished paintings, a recognition not of a specific place but rather of an emotion, atmosphere or mood.

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