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I believe that an encounter with nature, open space, wildness, in short, landscape, allows us to connect with something greater than ourselves, allows us an experience of the spiritual, and is essential to our sense of wellbeing. By allowing ourselves to be firmly rooted on the earth, through a full awareness of the tangible, physical world, the here and now, we can also experience something of heaven and connect to the spiritual, the intangible, and an awareness of the eternal.

My work is therefore an emotional, personal, and contemplative response to landscape, inviting the viewer to stop, to look, to take time. My processes are equally meditative, building up layers, employing the use of loose wet paint with splashes and drips and brush strokes, incorporating elements of collage, creating texture and a variety of surface, often scraping back to expose underlying layers. Built over time these semi-translucent layers allow a semblance of landscape to emerge.

The inspiration for my work is often deeply rooted in a sense of place and my experience of certain physical landscapes, changes in light and weather, and how these play on the earth or water. However, the finished paintings are not necessarily of a specific view or place, but are an impression of colours, forms, light, and atmosphere, pulled out of the successive layers of paint which partially obscure, and partially reveal, what came before. This effect offers the viewer space to respond in an act of personal recognition: “I too, know this place, this sense” and so we are invited to generate our own meaning and unique relationship with the painting.


I have always longed to be an artist, but have only allowed myself to take this longing seriously in later life. I have had a long and fulfilling career working with homeless and marginalised people, both in this country and abroad, and more latterly in my career this included facilitating opportunities for creative engagement as a way of improving wellbeing and a positive sense of identity. Finally, I realised that this was something I needed in my own life, and in 2010 I graduated with First Class Honours in Fine Art from the University of Bedfordshire, followed by a 5 year Fellowship with Digswell Arts. I now balance part time work, supporting a social enterprise working with homeless people with mental health problems, with a regular and sustained studio practice, working out of a studio at my home in Hertfordshire.

I am actively involved with local artists networks and have exhibited and sold my work in private and public galleries and through group exhibitions and Art Fairs in Hertfordshire, London and in the East of England, and more recently through an online presence on social media.

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