A successful exhibition!

Many thanks to all those who came to see our recent exhibition at the Wynd Gallery in Letchworth.

Myself and fellow artist, Caryl Beach, had a week long joint exhibition, titled ‘Thin Places’, which launched with a very successful Private View on 13th October and finished on Saturday 20th October.

The title of the exhibition was based on a concept that may be more familiar to our Celtic neighbours, of ‘thin’ places where the veil between the temporal and the spiritual worlds are tissue-thin, and in such places, we may be able to experience glimpses of the spiritual dimension.

Caryl and I both explore this concept, and what this means to us, in our work, always rooted in our experience of landscape, but touching on these shifts in perception, where mundanity gives way to mystery.

I have now added my new work into the 2018 gallery page so you can see the individual paintings, and if you were unable to make the exhibition, here is a glimpse of what you missed:

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